About Us

One Society, where East meets West and global trends meet local sensibilities.

Fill your wardrobe with eclectic pieces from our handmade artisan collections while maintaining a fresh Western bohemian vibe. Stop by and get fitted by our in-house tailor for a fit that is as unique as you are.




Proceeds from your purchase benefit the artisans who made them, we believe your clothes should fit right and feel good!


We love life... we see beauty in those who are like us, and those who are not.... we stand up for respect and dignity of all living beings, humans and animals.... we salute single moms and single dads.
We are dreamers and fighters for what's fair and what's right... we are global in our thoughts and local in our actions... we love style and we love those who make our style possible... we love handmade... we love our artisans and we support fair trade.
That's why we pledge to support environmental conservation and promote age old skills to preserve artisan communities. We appreciate imperfections and variations.
We are One Society and that's why In our world clothes shouldn't just look good but also feel good and made right. A percentage of proceeds from sales goes towards supporting causes to conserve and preserve basic human rights.


Living Dreams Foundation

We try to give back to our communities in every way we can. Our affiliate Living Dreams Foundation is an NGO dedicated to supporting and empowering marginalized groups and sections of the community through various projects.

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Living Dreams At a Glance
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